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Smart Camera manufacturers and products links

Manufacturers of most smart cameras, vision sensors, compact vision systems in the world: description, pictures and links to original web sites.
I costruttori di tutte le smart camera, sensori di visione, sistemi di visione compatti del mondo: descrizione, immagini e link ai siti di origine.

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All data and information have been supplied by the vendors or were collected from the relevant web sites.
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Smart camera

Vision Components Gmbh

8000Mips (!) 1GHzDSP, 640x480 -> 1600x1280pxl, B/W & color, matrix and linear, 25->250frames/sec, 100M Ethernet and RS232
priced 700-4000EUR, 20+ models, C and flowchart programming, 
German company, worldwide distributors, site in English, links to resellers.

Smart camera from Tattile


2 models, 400MHz XScale, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, 640x480 --> 1400x1000pxls, several resellers, 25frames/sec,  3-5000 EUR, C programming or graphic development tool,  Italian Company, Worldwide resellers, site in English

Smart camera from Cognex


Several models, B/W & Color, ethernet, 640x480 --> 1028x768, spreadsheet vision language, worldwide resellers & integrators, 4.500-10.000 EUR, US company, site in English

Visual Inspection systems smart camera

Visual Inspection Systems

Comprehensive data and support on Vision Components smart cameras, price lists & downloadable manuals, visual (flowchart) development tools and fast libraries. Site in Italian & English


Datasensor SCS1 SVS1


SCS1: CMOS 640x480 with built in lens & illuminator, trig in + 2 digital Out, 100x75x40mm; on-board user interface and visual PC based development  (pattern matching, gauging, counting) with simulator. approx 2,5K€. Vision sensors to come soon.

EyeSpector smart camera


Graphic programming (icon tools), res up to 1600x1200, DSP 400MHz and 1GHz, color & BW, 2048 pxl line scan model, built in I/O, video output, Ethernet, RS232. Starting approx 2K€

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National Instruments NI 1722 NI 1742 smart camera

National Instruments

Two models, 640x480 b/w, 400&533MHz PowerPC, Ethernet, RS232, 2+2 optoisolated I/Os,
Programmable with LabView or Vision Bulder AI.

National Instruments smart camera
Banner PresencePlus


Pixel counter, code reader, presence checker, entry level and PRO PresencePlus vision sensors, easy PC based setup, up to 1.3Mpxl. Starting 995$, pro versions 2300$ and up.


3 models, 256x256 or 640x480 CMOS, 70MHz ARM processor , 10M Ethernet or RS232, site in English.


Teachable vision sensors (pixel and presence check), 126x98, 640x480  Pixel, integrated LED and autofocus lens, up to 100 frames/sec., USB interface.

Fiber Vision, Caminax, Camat, Pictor


Based on Vision Components' advanced smart cameras, applications can be configured with user friendly software on PC or within the smart camera.

Camat, Caminax Pictor, Fibervision

Neuro Check

3 models, 640x480 --> 1280x1024, B/W & Color, actually a fairly small sized, 1Kg, 266MHz Pentium II PC running Windows and visual development, priced 6.000-9.000EUR, site in Eng, Ita, Ger

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DVT Smart camera


Bought by Cognex, not available as a separate brand anymore.

300MIPS processor, up to 1280x1024, Ethernet, 3.500-10.000EUR, BW & Color, approx. 10 models, progr. with graphic interface, US Company, worldwide resellers, site in English


DVT Image sensors


10, 100 and 1000fps (!) trainable (neural) pattern matcher/verifier @ 1024x1024pxl with parallel + digital processors, friendly GUI, USB link. Also, multifunction smart camera CMOS 1280x1024 @ 500fps, 500Hz quad detector, 54db 1280px line scan. RS170 & USB, programmable FPGA + PowerPC

Matrix Vision

640x480 & 1024x1024, B/W & Color, progr. C/C++, hidden 266MHz Pentium PC, 3 models with 50-200MHz processor, Linux OS, C/C++ programming, Ethernet.

Matrix Vision Linux smart camera

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Basler smart camera

Basler Video Technologies

CMOS, 640x480, 60-180fps, B/W or Color, with hidden LINUX PC (151x55x60mm, 600g), open-source development tools.

Matrox smart camera

Matrox Imaging

CCD with Windows CE Celeron processor; Ethernet or RS232, 8+8 I/O, TCP/IP server.
C++ Programmable / MIL library.

General Vision

Teachable, 640x480, 30fps, ZISC neural network processor, non programmable, easy to use learning GUI, RS232.
Approx. $6500
Site in Eng.


Matrox Iris smart camera

PPT vision systems

PPT Vision Inc

CCD 640x480-1024x768. B&W, Color, 60fps, 1250MIPS processor, visual development, OCR, geometric pattern matching, subpixel.
Ethernet, RS232, I/Os
From approx. 5000$



Dedicated Smart Cameras (640x480) as 1D (barcode) & 2D (Datamatrix) readers.
Ethernet or RS232 & I/Os, up to 30fps

Dec '04: now also general purpose.


Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Two models (648x480 &1280x1024), CMOS, embedded PC104.

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Vision smart camera


4 models, B/W & color, 50fps, embedded PC, traffic control and plate license recognition (site in Italian)


Wintriss Eng. Corp.

Smart cameras and light sources for web inspection.
Line (max 5K px) and matrix models (640x480 to 1,3Mpx)

BRM distributore DVT

BRM Italiana Srl

Distributor for DVT systems in Italy (see here)


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Robot Traffidesk
Stop-action camera

Imaging Solutions Group Inc

1280x1024 CMOS cameras with programmable FPGA for on board preprocessing.

Sony smart camera,  XCI-V3XCISX1, PC based smart camera


400MHz embedded PC (Geode), Win XP or Linux, 1280x1024 @ 15fps, 640x480 @ 60fps, approx 3800USD

Camsensor IP67 smart camera


Rugged, IP67 smart camera, BCD I/Os, trigger/strobe, Ethernet, RS232/485, Device Net, Modbus interface.

Eltech Solutions

Eltech Solutions

50MHz Embedded Power PC + Win CE, 60*44*97 mm Ethernet, 640x480, 30fps CMOS sensor.

Gavitec smart 2d code reader

Gavitec AG

Dec 2004: smart cameras disappeared from web site?

1D and 2D code standalone and handheld readers w. built in lighting (VisionSpy).

SICK Smart camera IVP

Sick AG

CMOS sample image comparator, rebranded from (participated) IVP. OCR and Code readers,.

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Sick smart camera Sick 3D smart camera
Fast Vision FPGA smart camera

FastVsion LLC

CMOS megapixel cameras (up to 2352 x 1728, 240fps) w. built in FPGA reconfigurable preprocessor.


Jai smart camera


One model of Smart camera with Power PC processor
Site in English


Microscan Inc.

2D symbol and barcode readers and verifiers, based on dedicated Smart Cameras, autofocus, one touch setup, built in pattern projector for user interface.

Microscan datamatrix reader verifier

Fabrimex AG

Swiss reseller for Vision Components, site in English




Integrated sensors for fast 3D ranging and profiling, on-chip image processor.

Apollo Imaging smart camera DSP Texas Instruments

Apollo Imaging Technologies

TI 4-600MHz DSP, 100fps VGA to 3Megapixel, video output, Ethernet + Rs232/422, I/Os, custom design available.

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IFM efector Dualis

IFM Electronic

Simple contour matcher for backlight applications or Datamatrix reader.
42x42x43mm, RS232.



User friendly Smart cameras as "vision appliances" (iCheck, iGauge, iLabel) based on Sherlock sw. A division of

Bueno Systems Inc.

Three models, 64-128 pixel line scan with simple controller, progr. with graphic interface. Site in English


Smart camera da Biovision


100 f/s, 600 MIPS processor, 1000x1300, RS232

More to come...
Baume Optronic vision sensors

Baumer Optronic

Vision Sensors for presence, position, completeness verification and part identification.

Automation Technology 3D imaging

Automation Technology

3D imaging sensors, 1024 or 1280pxl, laser line reconstruction @ 9600-28800 profiles/sec, Cameralink or USB2

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Dropped their previous not-so-smart cameras (with i486 hidden PC), now basically a rebrander for DVT and Wenglor

Visionary Solutions Inc.

One model, 510 x 492, RS232, customizable FPGA processing, no DSP. Site in English.

Pulnix smart camera

Jai Pulnix

Smart camera disappeared from site!?
Teachable, 640x480, 30fps, color available, ZISC neural network processor, non programmable, easy to use learning GUI, RS232.
Approx. $6500
Site in Eng.


Video Systems

752x480 pixel 60 fps, 480MHz DSP, B/W or color, stereo version available. 

Smart Camera Technologies Canada

Smart Camera Technologies Inc.

Platforms and software for security, surveillance and automation applications. Stereo version available.

Elphel 333


3.2Mpix CMOS image server with FPGA and 100MHz 32 CPU, GNU/Linux, totally  Open Source (software, FPGA and hardware!).
More an image server, but programmable.

Philips smart camera


Seen Smart Camera at Vision 2005. Unable to find on their web site.

Pixel Velocity smart camera

Pixel Velocity

Power PC & programmable FPGA, B/W & color 1920x1080pxl @ 60fps

Panasonic vision sensor

Panasonic Electric Works

Vision sensor for 2D code reading, defect detection, measurements, shape and position detection.

Pixel Velocity Panasonc PD50

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Webview Web-i-2K web inspection

Webview Inc.

Configurable part (matrix) and web (1024 & 2048pxl) defect detector, Xilinx Spartan & MicroBlaze processor.

VDS 3D profile sensor

VDS Vosskuhler Gmbh

Laser line triangulation profile sensor. 3D reconstruction @ up to 2K line/sec, resolution +/- 0.05% range, accuracy +/- 0.2%.


Hungarian, up to 1 GHz TI DSP; 27.5 fps @ 1280*1024, 100 fps @ 640*480.  C++ Software Developer Kit


Leutron Vision

28 models from 658x496 to 2048x1536, B/W and color, 10 to 200fps, C, C++, .NET programming, supported by Halcon, Neurocheck, VfW, AVT.
G-Ethernet, 2 in, 4 Out

Pepperl fuchs logo

Pepperl & Fuchs

VOS310 presence, position, rotation checker. Based on Visicube vision sensor from Vision Components.
Ethernet and RS422.

VOS310 Pepperl Fuchs

ROckwell automation vision sensor 48MS

48MS MUltisight: presence, position, rotation checker. Based on  Visicube vision sensor from Vision Components.
Ethernet and RS422.

DIaplous - visual perception


RIS+FPGA based CMOS color, up to 900fps, unspecified resolution; Ethernet, RS232, I/Os. Built in illuminator.

Festo SBO smart camera


CMOS 150fps, Blackfin processor, Canbus, Linux.

FEsto SBO compact camera
Lensation 3D smart camera


High speed 3D camera (max 50000profiles/sec), max resol. 1280x1024 @ 450fps, 120dB dynamic, RIC based.

HSC5000 3D smart camera - Lensation

VE Tech

One model, hidden 486 PC + 50MIPS DSP, RS232, waterproof, 6Kg, 512 x 492

Fastcom Technology

Still really doing smart cameras? (Dec2004)

3 models, CMOS random pixel access, C programmable SHARC DSP, RS232 or CameraLink, 512x512 --> 1024x1024, Swiss company, price appr. 8-9000EUR, site in Eng.


Mikrotron Gmbh

High frame rate cameras with on-board programmable FPGA for filtering and processign acceleration.

Asentics code reader smart camera


Code readers, techable sensors, general purpose vision sensors, line scan sensor.
Site in German & English.



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Progetti di ricerca / Research projects

Czech Technical University in Prague
Laboratory of Videometry

Several projects including Blackfin or ADSP218x based smart cameras and line scan smart cameras.

SeeMOS Project

Research platform for active vision with X-Y addressable image sensor, FPGA processor with DSP embedded as "custom instruction" coprocessor, X-Y-Z inertial and Gyro motion sensors.
Aimed at implementation of early processes of human and primate vision and cognition.

Princeton University

Smart Camera Project
(apparently dropped as of Dec 2004).
Detect, recognize, and analyze people, body part detection and activity recognition for security, checkpoints etc.


Institute for Technical Informatics

CCD sensor, IP connected, TI C6 dsp, high image quality and high processing power for embedded traffic surveillance


Technische Universität Wien

Dual 600MHz C64 DSP, CMOS smart camera for traffic surveillance.

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