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List your products on manufacturers and product we list are chosen because significant or interesting for the smart camera subject: these criteria require independence from any advertising investment, at least until this site will be "strong" enough to support sponsored contributions without biasing my judgement. 

Imagine some big One, say Cognex, offering 1 million bucks for being put in great evidence: this would adversely affect this site! If you really want to pay me 1 million to be listed, please click HERE.

We thereby don't currently accept sponsored contributions (payed advertising), but we will insert any relevant contribution free of charge (link, manufacturer, product, resource) if you fill this form.

Images, price lists, tech briefs, product news and whatever relevant will be extremely welcome!

Content and appearence of all published matter will remain the subject of MY unquestionable decision.









Sorry, jut kidding... But, if you really insist...